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Electronic Components Firms in Japan Heighten Production

Leading Japanese electronic components manufacturers have been accelerating their production in Japan in a bid to respond to the rising demands across various fields.

Smartphones continue to have higher functions and continue to integrate highly functional and high-performance components. At the same time, demand continues to grow as well for electronic components in automobiles.

Manufacturers meet the demand for sophisticated components for industrial equipment and medical equipment that are required to provide higher performance and longer life. Meanwhile, wearable and mobile terminals are required to become ultrathin and small, and Japanese components makers employ their latest and most advanced production lines to make these happen.

Since January 2017, several companies have started the construction of new plants in a bid to meet the diversifying and growing demand, and this trend is expected to continue furthermore in the future.

Table: New plants to be built in Japan by leading electronic components manufacturers
(Those whose completion and operation are planned for Jan. 2017 and later).

New plants

Targets Potential Markets, IoT
Kyocera Corporation will build No. 4-1 factory, which will be the 28th factory building at its main plant Kagoshima Kokubu Plant. Upon the completion of the factory building, Kyocera plans to nearly double the production capacity of the plant for fine ceramic components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, the demand for which has been increasing not only in Japan but in overseas markets as well. The company will invest ¥5.6 billion (US$49.4 million) to construct the production building in the plant. Construction was supposed to start in November and operation is targeted to start in October 2018. The plant will increase the production of ceramic components for film deposition equipment and etchers.

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