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Higher-Capacitance MLCCs Advance with Miniaturization

A nnually, there are over 2 trillion multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) being used, and market needs for smaller MLCCs with higher capacitance have been continuing to increase. In terms of incorporation in devices, MLCCs in a smartphone unit has been continuing to increase. For general consumer electronics, the demand for 0603- and 0402-size, which became the mainstream in 2018 replacing 1005-size, is expected to continue growing along with the trend toward higher capacitance. Automobiles incorporate a growing number of electronic components, too, and in 2018, 1005-size MLCCs became the mainstream replacing 1608-size. The number of 0603-size MLCCs per vehicle continues to increase, and the trends toward the increasing ratio of 0603-size and higher capacitance remain unchanged. These trends have not changed for more than five years, and it is said that the miniaturization and higher capacitance of MLCCs using existing materials will be possible for another 10 years.

This year, amid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the smartphone market is forecast to shrink by 10 percent and the automotive market by 20 percent in terms of units. However, amid forecasts of decreases in the sales of many components compared with the previous year, sales of MLCCs are expected to level off or become higher than the previous year, driven by miniaturization and increase in capacitance.