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DENSO to Train System Integrators in Thailand on Production Automation

DENSO Corporation said it will undertake a demonstration project aimed to train select lean automation system integrators (LASIs) on production and failure analysis equipment. The project will be done in cooperation with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) as part of the Project for Nurturing New Industries in ASEAN and Japan and is being promoted by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and the Thai Ministry of Industry (MOI).

Artist's rendition of DENSO's Showcase Building in Thailand
Artist's rendition of DENSO's Showcase Building in Thailand (Denso Corporation).

DENSO has introduced lean automation in its production process to eliminate waste and achieve an efficient automated production system. The facility that will be built in Thailand is a next-generation production line that combines lean automation refined by DENSO with Connected Industries. It will be established at the Industrial Transformation Center (ITC) within the MOI to provide open and practical learning opportunities to use cutting-edge systems.

DENSO will also establish a consortium with the National Innovation Agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand; five universities and one education facility in Thailand; seven local system integration companies, as well as Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. and LEXER RESEARCH Inc. The group will develop educational programs and teaching materials using the showcase, with training scheduled to begin in April 2018. Through the demonstration project, DENSO will train local system integrators who have practical capabilities to help enhance the competitiveness in the automation field. The project is regarded as a core project of Thailand 4.0 and will help increase the presence of Japan's "Connected Industries" in Thailand.