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DENSO Strengthens Foray on Automated Driving, EVs

DENSO Corporation has intensified its efforts on automated driving and electric vehicles as it sealed agreements with various companies. The agreements encompass joint ventures for the development of electronic control unit (ECU) software for automated driving and electrification driving modules.

The joint venture for ECU software for automated driving and vehicle dynamics control will be done by DENSO along with Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd (AISIN), ADVICS Co., Ltd. (ADVICS), and JTEKT Corporation (JTEKT). DENSO will take 65 percent of the participation ratio while AISIN will have 25 percent while ADVICS and JTEKT will have five percent each.

The integrated ECU manages components, such as sensors, brakes, and steering, which are basic driving functions and critical for automated driving. Through this joint company, DENSO, AISIN, ADVICS and JTEKT will focus on expediting the development of more sophisticated software required for larger and more complex integrated ECUs. The four companies will bring unique strengths to this endeavor and will work together to develop and provide software for integrated ECUs which best fit each car makers' needs.

In a separate agreement, DENSO and AISIN will each have 50 percent stake in a planned joint venture company that will develop and sell electrification driving modules. Vehicle electrification, which is one of the key trends impacting the automotive industry, requires a driving module package that integrates key components such as transaxles, motor generators, and inverters. This joint venture will develop and sell driving modules customized to meet performance, cost, and regional requirements.

AISIN and DENSO will specifically focus on driving modules for hybrids, plug-in hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, and electric vehicles, especially in China, where the market for electric vehicles is expected to rapidly expand.