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DENSO to Expand Hokkaido Plant

DENSO Corporation has announced plans to expand the DENSO Hokkaido Corporation as part of its efforts to increase production of semiconductor sensors, enhance its domestic production system and boost the group company's competitiveness. DENSO Hokkaido is one of DENSO's group companies located in Chitose, in Hokkaido, Japan.

DENSO will invest about ¥11 billion (US$103 million) towards 2025 to complete the expansion and increase production. Through this expansion and production of a key automotive technology, DENSO Hokkaido will further improve its capability to meet customers' needs and contribute to the development of the local community.

NXP's S32S processors deliver safe dynamic control for electric and autonomous vehicles (Credit: NXP)
Artist rendition of DENSO Hokkaido plant after expansion

Construction is scheduled to start in July 2020 and will be completed in June 2021. Production is planned to start in stages starting October 2021. The number of employees is expected to increase to approximately 1,150 in 2025.

DENSO Hokkaido manufactures semiconductor sensors for automotive engines, air conditioners, and brake and other relevant systems. DENSO is expanding the plant at DENSO Hokkaido, which has manufactured 500 million semiconductor sensors since it was established in 2007, in preparation for increased sensor demand as vehicle electrification and safety systems become more complex and proliferate.