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DENSO to Open New R&D Facility in Tokyo

DENSO Corporation is set to open a new office in Tokyo that will conduct research and development solely on advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), automated driving, and connected vehicles. DENSO will transfer part of the R&D functions presently located in its head office in Aichi Prefecture and existing Tokyo office to the new facility and expand its workforce to improve R&D capabilities until early 2020s.

The new R&D office will not only develop advanced technologies, but also work with the head office to organize and lead the operations of DENSO's satellite R&D bases worldwide. Regional hubs will play a larger role in R&D as DENSO decentralizes development in 2018.

The new office will collaborate with universities, research institutes, startups, and other partners around the world to develop new technologies by leveraging the characteristics of each region, and will formulate and carry out business ideas to develop competitive products that better meet the needs of customers.

DENSO continues its core mission to focus on developing technologies advancing safety and environmental sustainability and creating mobility that contributes to society and improves people's lives.