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Infineon's Radar Technology Realizes Gesture Control in Smartphones

Gesture control thanks to Infineon-radar technology in Google Pixel 4 Smartphone Infineon Technologies AG has developed a 60GHz radar chip that enables a new form of interaction between users and their devices. Using an integrated antenna system, it senses the presence and movement of people and objects with high precision or measures distances and speeds. This chip is the base for Google's Soli technology and has now been integrated in the Google Pixel 4 smartphone.

Andreas Urschitz, Division President for Power Management and Multimarket at Infineon said the company's radar technology makes devices to become "context-aware", giving it the ability to understand the environment and react more purposefully.

"The precise motion detection by the 60GHz radar chip turns the Google Pixel 4 smartphone into a gesture control system. This is a revolution in the human-machine-interaction. At Infineon, we are furthermore working on the fusion of multiple sensors to simplify interaction and increase the usefulness of the devices," said Urschitz.

Infineon's radar technology has its roots in the automotive sector. Radar sensors have been effectively measuring distances, speeds and movements while driving for decades. Infineon has further developed these functions for small devices. The 60GHz chip is a complete radar system with antennas on a very small area (5x6.5mm) coupled with low power consumption.

It can perceive movements in rooms or measure distances from objects in the millimeter range with utmost precision. With the appropriate software, the motion data is converted into functions, so that control via gestures is possible without touching the device.