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Murata Steps up Foray in Medical, Healthcare Fields

JAPAN and UNITED STATES – Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has completed the acquisition of Vios Medical, Inc. This acquisition represents a major foothold for Murata's entry into the global healthcare and medical fields. Murata will effectively make use Vios's technologies, expertise, and network of overseas hospitals to work toward further business expansion.

The total amount of the consideration that Murata will have to pay Vios shareholders is US$102 million (¥11.4 billion).

Vios is a healthcare IT startup that has developed a chest sensor that can measure heart and respiratory rates and run electrocardiograms, etc.

It also develops and provides software, cloud services, etc. to monitor them. Vital-sign data obtained through the sensor can be monitored in real time, and the data can even be analyzed in quasi-real time by low-cost commercial devices. With the use of a wireless network, patients in a hospital can be continuously monitored regardless of their movements.