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Murata Reinforces MEMS Sensor Facility in Finland

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has built a new factory in Vantaa, Finland to increase the sensor production capacity, which will be used in wide range of application fields, such as car safety systems and pacemakers. The total value of investment will be around ¥5 billion and is expected to generate 150 to 200 new jobs for FY2018-2019.

The building, which is expected to be completed in 2019, will approximately have floor area of 16,000sq.m. The investments to be poured underpin the growing worldwide demand for MEMS sensors used in the automotive industry as well as in other fields, such as health and industrial applications.

Murata, in 2012, acquired the Finnish company VTI Technologies and became Murata Electronics Oy. It is the only factory of Murata outside Japan that manufactures MEMS sensors. This site in Finland also hosts R&D space and one of the biggest clean room facilities in the country.

"The market for advanced driver-assistance systems, self-directed cars, healthcare, and other emerging technologies are expected to be significant growth drivers. MEMS sensors are critical solutions for these applications and deliver proven measurement accuracy and stability in a variety of conditions," said Yuichiro Hayata, Managing Director, Murata Electronics Oy.

"With the construction of this new production building, we will significantly increase our MEMS sensors production capacity. Moreover, by responding to the strong demand of gyro sensors, accelerometers, and combo sensors in the automotive, industry and healthcare fields, this will strengthen our business base in the automotive market, industrial equipment and medical devices market, while contributing to the economy and employment of Finland," stated Makoto Kawashima, Director of Sensor Product Division, Murata Manufacturing.

With the factory expansion in Finland, Murata will strengthen both research and development (R&D) and manufacturing operations with a long-term perspective for increasing utilization of this facility. The company currently employs 1,000 people in Finland and estimates to create 150 to 200 new jobs in FY2018–2019.