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NXP Sustains Smart Mobility Initiatives in Columbus

NXP Semiconductors N.V. and the city of Columbus in Ohio, United States have started already the next phase of their Smart City collaboration. NXP has been contributing its key technologies for smart and safe mobility to the Smart Columbus Experience Center, which opened recently.

Columbus won the US$40-million Smart City Challenge of the United States' Department of Transportation in 2016. The center allows visitors to see how new mobility options, such as connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles, will help make Columbus a more connected community.

As part of the Smart Columbus Experience Center initiative, NXP and Cohda Wireless will deploy a connected vehicle environment through the center's electric vehicle test drive area so drivers can experience this future technology in person. NXP has also donated an electric motorcycle with an accompanying drone that alerts the driver to dangers or delays ahead.

Aside from these, NXP will also contribute to key mobility technologies to the Smart Columbus Experience Center, including NXP's RoadLINK V2X technology, which allows cars to communicate with each other as well as with intelligent traffic infrastructures. The IEEE802.11p Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) standard allows cars to securely connect to each other as well as to infrastructure.

NXP is also contributing its Smart Card IC technology, which enhances transportation by supporting secure and convenient public transportation ticketing and payment systems, including contactless transit fare solutions. The highly secure NXP Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions designed to promote public safety and convenience and applications include window stickers that enhance driver convenience by eliminating the need for stop-and-pay stations in public parking spaces.