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ROHM Acquires Part of Panasonic's Semiconductor Business

ROHM Co., Ltd. has recently moved to acquire part of the diode and transistor business of Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Company, a group company of Panasonic Corp. Following the acquisition, the transfer process is scheduled to commence in October, with ROHM handling sales of these products to Panasonic's customers.

Being in the semiconductor device business since 1960s, ROHM has one of the largest shares of the global market for small signal transistors and diodes. With the expected robust growth of automotive electronics, industrial equipment, and other application markets, ROHM has started to expand its business in bipolar transistors, circuit protective Zener diodes, TVS diodes, and other products.

One such endeavor is the acquisition of Panasonic's semiconductor device business, which handles transistors and diodes. To ensure smooth transition and stable supplies to customers, ROHM has initially outsourced production to Panasonic and maintain the exact supply structure until the transfer is fully completed.