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Socionext Taps GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 55nm Process

Socionext Inc. will manufacture its latest generation of graphics display controllers, the SC1701, based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 55nm Low Power Extended (55LPx) process technology with embedded non-volatile memory (SuperFlash). The 55LPx platform enables several new features in Socionext's SC1701 Series including enhanced diagnostic and security protection capabilities, cyclic redundancy code (CRC) checks, picture freeze detection, and multi window signature unit for advanced in-vehicle display systems.

In recent years, the number of in-vehicle electronic systems has risen exponentially with increasing requirements for multiple content-rich displays. Socionext's SC1701 controller integrates a variety of system component features along with APIX 3 technology and automotive safety functions to meet the increasing demand for high speed video and data connectivity and stringent safety requirements. The device supports display resolution up to one ultra high definition (UHD) at 4K or two full HD (2K) at 30bpp, and capable of receiving two separate video streams over a single link by using the VESA display stream compression (DSC) method. Moreover, the SC1701 offers video content protection through built-in HDCP decryption technology that enables a richer user experience.

"The SC1701 display controller is designed to support high performance computing within a vehicle, with one of the most innovative evolutions in automotive system architectures," said Koichi Yamashita, Senior Vice President and Head of IoT and Graphics Solution Business Unit at Socionext. "GLOBALFOUNDRIES' automotive grade 1 qualified 55LPx platform, with its low power logic and highly reliable embedded non-volatile memory, was ideal for our product."

GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 55LPx platform, with SST's SuperFlash memory technology, provides a fast path-to-product solution, and is fully qualified for consumer, industrial and automotive grade 1 applications. The implementation of SuperFlash on 55LPx provides a small bit cell-size, increased fast read speed along with superior data retention and endurance.

The 55LPx-enabled platform is in volume production at GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 300mm line in Singapore. In addition to the SC1701, Socionext is currently developing several products on the technology, joining On Semiconductor, Silicon Mobility, and Fudan Microelectronics, which are presently optimizing their respective chip designs with GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 55LPx platform for wearable IoT and automotive products.