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ST, Arilou Strengthen Cyber Security in Connected Cars

STMicroelectronics N.V. and cyber security solutions provider Arilou Information Security Technologies have started to work together to integrate Arilou's Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) software solution into ST's SPC58 Chorus Series of 32-bit automotive microcontrollers (MCUs). This aims to address increased protection against intrusion in automotive body and gateway applications for stronger security.

Advanced security solutions require a multi-layer approach where both hardware and software monitor the data streams to detect communication anomalies. The combination of the Security Engine embedded in ST's SPC58 Chorus Series of automotive MCUs with the capability of Arilou's IDPS software to detect traffic anomalies, provides a state-of-the art cyber-security solution.

"This development work allows us to see our software solution tailored to specific devices and applications in the automotive sector," said Ziv Levi, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Arilou.

Luca Rodeschini, Head of Automotive Strategy and Microcontroller Business Unit at ST said securing the connected car is a multi-layer project and added that working with tech security expert like Arilou would enable them to anticipate and address cybersecurity challenges in connected cars.

Arilou is based in Israel and is part of the NNG Software Developing and Commercial Llc. The company focuses on delivering solutions with exceptional value for the connected navigation, cyber security, and user experience markets.