AEI Digital Edition Free Subscription

AEI Digital Edition Subscription

AEI is one of the flagship business-to-business publications of Dempa Publications, Inc. and has already earned its niche in the industry as a reputable media publications that genuinely caters to the needs of the industry professionals.

Digital AEI comes with vertical scrolling feature in an up-and-down format, a deviation from the traditional click-through or flip-type turn of pages that are common to present digital format magazines.

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What is the main end product or service at your location?

  Electronic components
  Semiconductor devices
  Electronic subassemblies (boards, modules, hybrid ICs, display modules)
  Test and measuring instruments
  Production, factory automation equipment
  Electronic materials & chemicals
  Computers and peripherals
  Communications equipment
  Consumer electronics products
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  Office and business machines
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  General and corporate management
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  Marketing and sales
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Number of employees at your location

  1-99   500-999
  100-249   More than 1,000

In my job, I recommend, specify or authorize purchasing of:

    General Electronic Components     Batteries and Power Supplies
    Car Electronics Components     Data Storage and Recording Media
    Semiconductors (include PCBs)     Computers and Peripherals
    Display Device Modules (LCD, PDP, etc)     CAE/CAD/CAM Systems
    Test and Measuring Instruments     Embedded Development Tools
    Semiconductor Production Equipment     Software
    Other Production Equipment
      (SMT, Robotics etc.)
    Others (Please specify)       
    Materials and Cables     None of the above

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