Dempa Shimbun Daily

Dempa Shimbun Daily (電波新聞) is the flagship publication of Dempa Publications since it was introduced in the early 1950s. Circulated largely in Japan, this full-sized business-to-business daily newspaper is being printed simultaneously in Tokyo and Osaka, and is delivered every morning to subscribers throughout Japan.

With more or less 300,000 subscribers and pass-around rate of 5.2 readers per issue, Dempa Shimbun covers broad range of fields. It provides timely information to professionals, covering the most vital sectors and areas of the electronics industry, such as information technology, communications, semiconductors and devices, electronic components and materials, home electronic and electrical appliances, consumer electronics, factory automation and measuring instruments, as well as electronics retailing.

Aside from these, Dempa Shimbun Daily also highlights some tidbits of political and economic affairs in the domestic and international scenes, which may have an impact to the global trends of the electronics and related industries. The news-gathering network of Dempa Shimbun comes from its headquarters in Tokyo as well as its domestic and overseas branches.

In addition, the newspaper sends special correspondents to gather news across the world, making its broad-based news-gathering approach unparalleled among other trade newspapers.

Because of its extensive coverage, Dempa Shimbun commands a broad readership, from electronics makers to dealers. Subscribers continue to grow in the various facets of electronics engineering industry, now extending to the industries of iron and steel, chemicals, among others. Thus, Dempa Shimbun continues to evolve into an industrial newspaper centering on electronics, rather than a one-theme trade paper serving a single industry.

Electronics has spurred the development of an information-oriented society, a trend that continues to accelerate with the fast-paced development of cutting-edge technologies. Dempa Shimbun's commitment to cultivate a role as a business newspaper in the industry lives on.