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Korea Reinforces Fuel Cell Supply Chain for Green Cars

T he Korean government decided to establish a massive infrastructure to produce, store, deliver and charge hydrogen, a key ingredient for fuel-cell, or hydrogen-powered power stations and vehicles, in a hydrogen-technology-driven new economy build-up project. In the blueprint, the government will spur its plan to incubate 500 hydrogen ecosystem players by 2030 and 1,000 more players by 2040 to create a broad range of hydrogen ecosystem infrastructure for hydrogen mobility, fuel cell, hydrogen fuel-filling station, fuel cell power plants, and liquid hydrogen area.

In addition, the country will establish a grid of 40 hydrogen producing facilities across the country.

The establishment of the massive infrastructure is to set up a supply chain system for hydrogen-powered vehicles and fuel power stations. On the way toward that goal, Korea plans to produce 85,000 hydrogen or fuel cell-powered electric vehicles and 660 hydrogen gas filling stations by 2030 across the country. In 2040, Korea plans to harness a capacity to produce 6.2 million hydrogen or fuel cell vehicles and double the gas filling stations to 1,200.