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Components Makers Resume Capital Investments on Full Scale

E lectronic components manufacturers resume their in-vestments in plants and equipment on full scale. Their business performance, which deteriorated amid the pandemic caused by novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), has begun to recover with the resumption of full-scale economic activities. In addition to the recent increase in orders, positive signs are seen for future demand as well. Efforts to level the demand and supply and bolster production systems to expand business performance have also surfaced.

Electronic component manufacturers announced their business performance in the first half (April to September) of the term ending March 2021 one after another. In summary, demand stagnated in Q1 (April to June) reeling from the major impact brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, and business performance deteriorated more than expected. In Q2 (July to September), economic activities started to recover in several parts of the world, as measures to prevent COVID-19 were being taken, slowly picking up demand.